The Number Crunch

You have a dream and I have the financial plan to get there!

And don’t worry – “boring” and “frugal” aren’t on the itinerary!

You have grand plans for [insert major life goal here] and all you need is the money map to get there, but every time to sit down to work out the numbers, you get overwhelmed by all the moving parts to set a plan of action.

None of your Google search results apply perfectly to your situation and you’re on information overload.

You’re overwhelmed by all the accounts and expenses popping up in every direction and you don’t have a set of systems to manage it all

You’re intimidated by the thought that you’ll never have the financial means to do what you really want to do

 Sometimes you feel like you’ll never figure it out and you want to just wing it but know you can’t without a financial safety net!

What if I told you that a financial plan to get from where you are now to your big goal is in your grasp – and it doesn’t require a crazy investment scheme to get there?

Imagine the moment you get to move from fantasy to finally once you’re able to do what you’ve always wanted without depleting your safety net or incurring massive amounts of debt!

You’ll get to pay off your debt and stash up your savings so you have a net beneath you before you take your leap!

You’ll get to sleep better at night without worrying how you’ll cover your bills when you change course!

You’ll get to maintain your standard of living and follow through on that BIG THING you’ve been craving!

Introducing The Number Crunch!

I work out the money plan to get you from Now to Then in the most fiscally responsible way possible while you get to focus on other logistics like planning travel itineraries, perfecting your organic soap recipe or picking classes to go back to school!

It includes:

One 60-minute call where we identify and clarify:

Your specific, personal goals. If you want to save for a sabbatical, or a farmhouse, or maybe all you want is an organic cotton puppy clothes business someday, all good! There is no judgment here. The idea is that we identify what you want to accomplish and work backwards from there.

Your money situation. We need to dive super deep into your numbers so I get all the details to map out your money. We’ll also determine any clarification or research I might have you look into to get the best bang for your buck!

Your individual values, because you’re not like anyone else. Maybe you’re happiest when you attend fancy art shows but don’t need snobby dinners out. Maybe you like cheap wine but really want to collect vintage books with your flexible spending. Well, in order to invest in what really matters to you, first you have to know just what that is.

Your lifestyle. This is where we dig into how you want to live on a day to day basis. Here is where the real magic happens.

Your habits. Together we’ll examine where your money really goes! (Aren’t you dying to know?) In what areas are you leaking money unnecessarily that we can tighten up? In what areas do you need some breathing room so you can live just the way you want to? We’ll talk about what’s currently working for you and what absolutely isn’t! By figuring out just what spending habits you want to hold onto, we can create an action plan to move you forward, slowly but efficiently.

A solid financial plan mapped out for your mission.

After I head out into my money cave (almost literally) to work my magic, you’ll get a customized, detailed financial plan – designed with your money habits, lifestyle and personal goals in mind. The turnaround time on this is 1 week (assuming we get all the details and information we need up front).

The best part? You don’t have to crunch any numbers alone! I got this for you!

This will cover:

  • a booming budget
  • a superfly savings goal
  • a drama-free debt repayment plan
  • handy bad-habit slaying strategies (unique to you!)
  • immediate actionable assignments to get you going!

One 30-minute follow-up call.

I’m not just going to throw you a manual and expect you to follow instructions. We’re going to discuss the plan so you’re super clear what steps you need to take. And if you’re trigger-shy about implementing your new financial life, I’m going to make sure you leave the call with the confidence you need to take your next steps.

A cha-ching cheerleader to help you overcome the habit hurdles.

I will be accessible over email for 3 months following the date you receive your Number Crunch. I know that questions mostly pop up once you start implementing your plan. The extra communication is critical to overcoming bad habits and quickly tweaking broken systems.

Plus, you’ll also get…

  • Wealth Worksheets to clarify your money matters before we even start!
  • Custom hand-picked resources just for you!
  • Immediate savings to cover the course of this service IN FULL faster than you can say “I want to set my financial foundation!”

Looking for more intensive coaching? Here are my Rates & Packages.

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Michelle helped me identify exactly what it was I was seeking to afford with my money. I’ve always struggled with my finances and this was the first time I really took them seriously and worked towards the goals I set. The strategies + the mindset + the numbers broken down – MAGIC!

-Liz A., New York, NY

Michelle whipped my financial life into shape! Not only did I get a plan of action, but the plan was actually FUN to implement. It’s not just numbers and logic – Michelle is very clear about that. The reason this worked so well for me was because it took my personality into account and didn’t try to make me someone I’m not. I’m never going to be somebody that reads up on the latest market trends or attempts extreme couponing. But Michelle gave me the toolbox to make informed and controlled choices with my money. Every time I hear someone complain about money issues, I connect ’em to Michelle.

-Aislinn R., New York, NY

I broke even on the cost of working with Michelle in the first month! (And, yes, I know what ROI is now!) I spent money and made money at the same time! The knowledge and skills you get from Michelle are priceless though. I had so many misconceptions about money that were messing me up and I didn’t even know it. I thought I would have to make more money to get rid of my money stress and that wasn’t the case with Michelle’s help. I can’t describe what it’s like to have that weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m just really glad I didn’t wait until I was earning more to work with Michelle.

– Danny S., Stuart, FL

The word “budget” means something totally new to me since working with Michelle. I actually feel wealthier on a budget than I ever did without one. I remember Michelle telling me “A budget is a plan, not a challenge” and that really stuck with me. It helped me treat my finances like part of my lifestyle and less like a diet or a project.

– Lynn G, Fort Wayne, IN


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