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You’re not after a pre-packaged life.

You’re too unique, one-of-a-kind, and unconventional for that!

You just like things the way you like things.
(Usually handmade, organic, and full of personality.)

So why should your personal finance be any different?

Just because you’re a little rebellious, it doesn’t mean you’re reckless.

Just because you’re a renegade who does your thing, your way,
that doesn’t mean you don’t want a fiscally fresh and fun future!

Whether you want to travel, pay off your student loans, or just save the world,
those dreams still require a financial game plan.

Well, lucky you because that’s just what I do!

Customized personal finance strategies. With character.

My services are perfect for you if…

  • You’re trying to get out of debt, but can’t decide on the best strategy
  • You have 7 budgeting apps on your phone but no budget
  • You kinda wonder where your money goes at the end of every month
  • You’d like to save and invest your money for something special, but all the options make your head spin
  • You have big dreams with big price tags but getting there seems impossible
  • You know you need a plan but every time you sit down to map it out, you get overwhelmed and eat a cookie (or 10).

If you ever wished your finances came with a user’s manual, THIS IS IT.

Because the last time you tried to create a financial plan all alone for yourself was about as effective as that three day juice fast… It was back to potato chips by Day 4.

My signature services will help you walk away clear on how you want to spend and save your stacks!

So you can finally manage your money with ease and confidence.

Are you ready to spend confidently and see your savings stockpile?

Here is how I can help.

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“Michelle is a budget ninja. She’s the best at creating a budget that fits with your lifestyle. Had someone told me that I could be on a budget and feel richer, I would have called them crazy. But that’s only because I hadn’t met Michelle yet. I have never been on a budget before and literally felt like I had more money than I had in my whole life – all the while saving money, paying off my credit card debt, and still having enough money to go out to dinner with my friends and buy myself new stuff. It was wild!

Do yourself the favor- quit waking up in the middle of the night stressing about your bills, stop feeling guilty about buying something for yourself and pay off your debt in a way that feels easy and work with Michelle. It wasn’t until I got really honest with Michelle about my money situation that I really got honest with myself that a change started to happen. Worth. Every. Penny.”

Cristina H, Philadelphia, PA.