About & Contact

I’m Michelle Bobrow, the personal finance strategist behind The Holistic Wallet.

I founded The Holistic Wallet to help creative idealists step up their financial game and turn their money mayhem into money magic.

If you’re just starting out or have been struggling to get a handle on your finances for some time, you’re in the right place to get your money house in order so you can do BIG things.


Here at The Holistic Wallet, we believe that your net worth doesn’t change who you are or measure your success. Actually, it doesn’t mean a damn thing about you! All that matters is that you use your money to do what you really want to do and live a life of which you are super proud!

But here’s the thing: That ambitious, purpose-driven lifestyle you’re after costs money. That’s why getting your finances in shape is a radical freakin’ act! You get to live the life you really want because you’re putting your money where your heart is.

Managing our money well sure is simple, but it ain’t easy! The Holistic Wallet is here to provide creative and casual guidance to rein in control of your spending, overcome your mental money blocks, and optimize your cash flow.

All that stuff about saving the world and making an impact – that’s all on you! Setting financial foundations so you know how to bankroll it all with ease – The Holistic Wallet is in the house!

Michelle’s Story

I grew up believing that debt was a fact of life and wealth was for the greedy and selfish. I thought that the more money I made, the more stressful and misguided my life would become. I used hand sanitizer every time I touched a dollar.

I eventually graduated from college overwhelmed with student loans and credit card debt without any sufficient knowledge of financial planning or money management. I took a job in corporate finance to pay off my past and save for my future, but consumption and IOUs were my way life and old habits die hard!

I sought out a financial planner to help me optimize my cash flow and create sustainable financial strategies, only to find a mass offering of investment advisors and insurance options. So I poured my artsy-fartsy, creative juices into my love of numbers and analytics and devised extraordinary plans to reach my financials goals and create my ideal life on my own.

The further I climbed up the corporate ladder and the more financial goals I knocked off my to-do list and the more I corrected bad money habits, the more I wanted to share my wealth…of knowledge!

I love numbers and planning and logic – that’s my jam! – but I set out to provide financial planning with a more holistic approach that incorporates not just preparedness and efficiency, but happiness and enjoyment as well. Our financial lives are way more fun in jeans and a tee shirt than in a suit and tie (even though I do love me some bow ties!).

After getting certified as a CPFC® and completing an assortment of vigorous IFC®-accredited coaching workshops, I finally launched The Holistic Wallet in the fall of 2014.

The Holistic Wallet grew out of my own personal dissatisfaction with the personal finance industry and its emphasis on logic and rules rather than applying our creative and emotional energy to get a little more conscious and intentional with our money, so we could do the stuff we really cared about NOW – not just when we’re old and saggy and retired!


You can reach Michelle Bobrow by email [michelle (at) theholisticwallet.com].