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Alright, so this is BIG and new and something I don’t talk about much around The Holistic Wallet, even though it’s a significant part of my financial life. If you don’t already know Denise Duffield-Thomas, the author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, please let me introduce you! She’s a mix of inspiration, practical wisdom, and… Read More

Ask any successful entrepreneur how to ensure a sustainable business and they’ll tell you to stay up to date on market research. Watch what your competitors are doing and stay informed about the trends in your industry. So every now and then, I saddle up on the couch with my laptop and head out to… Read More

“Hollaaaa, it’s annual performance review season!” said no one ever. But let’s be real: Your finances are impacted just as much by your earnings as they are by your expenses. Annual reviews determine how much you get paid and for how long (AKA job security). I’m getting knots in my stomach thinking about my former… Read More

Top 10 Tips from 2015

Whether you’re looking to maintain the financial progress you made this year or you’re working on establishing some new financial resolutions in 2016, I’m just quickly bouncing into your inbox one last time this year to give you my Top 10 Money Tips of 2015! 1. Keep the expense categories in your budget to a… Read More

Earn More, Spend More!

We all know that budgeting starts with income and ends with expenses. When I draw up plans for clients, I start with how much money a client is bringing in. Let’s say they have $3,000/month to work with. Everything gets funneled outta there. We pull out expenses and financial goals and adjust them to remain… Read More