3 Mindfulness Techniques That Save Me Money

Meditating is so hot right now! And rightly so. Our lives keep getting busier and busier and we’re not any happier for it so it’s totally normal to fantasize about what it would feel like to just catch our breath for a minute.

We’re grateful for our modern lives (what would I do without GPS?) but we just want a taste of what it would feel like to just unplug and have ease and space and calm – just for a moment! – to see what it would feel like for everything to flow smoothly for once.

Schools and businesses are even teaching meditation now because it’s been proven to increase focus and productivity and I’m sure this email isn’t going to be the first time you hear about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness!

But to be honest, I couldn’t comprehend how sitting down, doing nothing, and just “being” could help me in any way. I crave output and forward motion – getting stuff done! I figured I’ll relax once I finally finish everything. Or I’m dead.

Well, that didn’t quite work out for me. (I’m shockingly still alive.)

As you read about last week, I used to be someone who constantly took action with my finances. Obsessively.

I established and monitored a budget, I made a debt repayment plan, I read up on the latest personal finance trends, I tracked my spending and audited my purchases, and I stayed on top of my money systems to make sure my bills were paid on time and my credit was in good shape.

I did all of this to obtain some semblance of control over my finances and it really didn’t work. I still found myself anxious about money stuff. I’d get disappointed with myself after certain purchases and forgetful about the numbers I had *just* looked at.

While I was starting to come around to the concept that maybe what I was doing wasn’t working *gasp!* and maybe there wasn’t anything noble about being overly busy and stressed out all the time *gasp!* and maybe I should sit my tuchus down on cushion and breathe.

Hey, I was desperate enough to find the willingness to meditate!

My mind and body were begging me to tone it down and find some stillness in spite of how useless it made me feel. So I did! It certainly took some time to feel at home in my meditation practice but its benefits flowed into every corner of my life once it did.

I ate better, I slept better, I wore real pants (most of the time). #HomeOfficeProblems

But, remarkably, the lessons I have learned through my meditation practice have been the most beneficial to my financial well-being.

Dare I say that practicing mindfulness has made me… financially enlightened?

In fact, meditation and practicing mindfulness have been more beneficial to my financial health than being a personal finance expert.

I became more mindful of all of the factors concerning my holistic wallet. *wink wink*

The control and power over my money I craved finally flowed naturally to me and the random anxiety I felt about not having enough money totally disappeared.

I am so into that I have a video blog for you today where I explain the three mindfulness concepts that save me money and bring ease into my financial life.

Check it out!

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