Why I Budget With The Moon Cycle

So you gotta be living under a rock to not know that there’s a BIG new moon coming today.

(Well, if you consider the moon a rock, then we’re all living under one, in which case I have missed an opportunity to make this blog post more clever.)

Everybody and their mothers who don’t normally give a hoot about full moons or new moons or crescent waning moons are flooding to small towns across the U.S. to see a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse.

Am I jealous? A little bit.

Personally, I’m not in the perfect line of visibility but I’ll be taking a couple hours off this afternoon to see what’s good with the eclipse viewer I made from an old cereal box and some tin foil. (What up, Pinterest!)

Anyway, I figured I’d jump on the solar eclipse bandwagon to talk about my budget a bit.

I mentioned on Instagram and Twitter that I time my budget with the moon cycles rather than standard calendar months and I got a lot of comments and messages about that.

Some of you were like “That’s so cool! WOW!” and others were like “Wait… what? Why? How?”

Why do I do this? Because I can.

In a society where men design tampons and women are blamed for the assaults on their bodies, it feels good to say “Heck off, I’m making my own calendar, assholes!”

Try it – it’s really empowering.

Why I Sync My Budget To The Moon Cycles

It forces me to be mindful.

Have you ever wondered what time it was so you picked up your phone to look and then looked at the time and then put your phone down and then had absolutely no idea what time it was? Or maybe ended up checking your email instead?

That’s how I was with knowing the date.

Now, every morning and evening when I walk my dogs, I look up at the sky and as long as it’s not too cloudy, I can figure out where I am in my budget cycle.

I don’t get many opportunities to do this. There are smartphone apps that track moon cycles, but as long as the sky is clear enough, I’ve found it’s more enjoyable to just look up at the sky a couple times each day. And now it’s a habit!

I’ll be talking about mindfulness a lot more in the upcoming weeks but it is the #1 most important skill to have ever in the world of life or whatever. That sentence doesn’t make sense but I’m serious.

My income is highly variable.

Being self-employed has its ups and downs and inconsistent income takes a bit of getting used to. So I tacked on my financial planning sessions into my business strategy and personal development sessions.

What works for me is having the cash I need on hand for the upcoming month and then focusing on my income goals for following month after. I don’t have to worry about money for the month I’m in and I get 30-ish days to focus on earning.

Moon magic is a feminine art that I still have a lot to learn about but a pretty common act is to set intentions during a new moon and checking in during a full moon a couple weeks later.

Syncing my budget to the moon has become a magical intention-setting ritual in the most practical sense.

Regardless of all the woo-woo metaphysical stuff which you may or may not believe in, there’s real science that proves that which gets measured improves.

And I’m a big proponent of setting goals and measuring them.

It’s organic, free-range, and flipping beautiful.

Moon cycles aren’t any more or less regular than calendar months. The total number of days in a month varies as do some of our pay schedules.

It’s no more or less awkward to track moon cycles as it is calendar days.

I also felt that there was a lot of pressure with the numbers, like it being the 16th of the month and being through ¾ of my food budget. Now, dates are irrelevant. Half moons are indicators I should be at 25% to 75% of my variable spending budgets, kind of like a pie chart.

Maybe I’m aligned with the energies of the universe or maybe I’m just more mindful, but somehow there’s more ease and stability tracking my finances with the moon than with standard calendar months.

So you wanna give it a go?

If you need a distraction to keep you from trying to stare directly at the sun which I don’t have to tell you is really bad for your retinas, take a few minutes this afternoon to set a money plan for the upcoming moon cycle.

Be grateful for the money you have and the ways in which you earn more. Decide how much you feel good about spending this cycle and set some intentions. Maybe that’s paying down debt, growing your savings, or just having a mindful handle on your discretionary spending.

Then, comment below and let me know what you think!

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