Super Savvy Summer Sale (All coaching packages!)

Fun fact about me: I’ve only ever held white collar jobs. Actually, that doesn’t sound quite fun. It’s rather boring. That’s a boring fact about me. I don’t know what I was thinking leading you on like that!

When all of my friends transitioned from campers to camp counselors, I sought refuge indoors from NYC’s brutally humid summers and landed my first real job as a receptionist for a small boutique bank at the ripe young age of 16. That was half my lifetime ago and I am still grateful to have spent 40 hours/week soaking up all that air conditioning had to offer (and that successful financial career it eventually led to).

Now that I’m all settled in southern Florida and my corporate banking days are behind me, I seem to find myself in the same predicament. For the first time in my life, I have central a/c, but business tends to slow during the summer months, which means I feel guilty for not spending more of my free time melting my face off outdoors.

In the spirit of increasing my indoor summer office hours, I’m running an 11% discount on my coaching packages if you sign up by July 23rd (2 weeks away!).

Why did I pick 11%? Well, numerologically, 11 is supposedly a very powerful number. #numbersaremyspiritguides

Before you’re like “I get it, Michelle, you’re not a summer person. Can I live though?” Let me explain why I think it’s best to start working with me in the summer:

Once we officially start working together, I send you an extensive questionnaire that helps you pull together all the pieces of your financial life from your numbers to your mindset. Historically, this has taken about 1-2 weeks (maybe longer) to get back from past clients. It’s not that it takes so long to complete, it’s just that tracking down all of your details requires a little dedicated focus which isn’t easy to come by in our normal hectic lives.

Once you finish that, you schedule a mapping call no sooner than 48 hours after you deliver the goods (i.e. give me a heads up that our secure Google doc is complete and ready for me to review). This gives me a couple days to devour your information and start structuring the agenda for our virtual meeting (on the phone, Facetime, or Skype – I’m not picky) where we talk about your money feelings, goals, and cash-flow.

After we hang up, it takes me about 3-5 business days to draw up your money map which includes a budget, a debt repayment plan, a savings projection, a super customized proposal to simplify and streamline your cash-flow with psychological strategies to optimize your habits and, subsequently, the use of your funds.

Ever wish your finances came with a user’s manual? THIS IS IT.

Now, every one of those “user’s manuals” I’ve ever delivered has felt like an artistic masterpiece, where there’s this magical “click” or an a-ha! moment. But in reality, it’s almost a 3 to 5 week ordeal between us virtually shaking hands and you putting your plan into action.

This is no overnight sensation! It takes some time to set up. And even once everything is set up, we’ll still spend at least a few months (depending on which package you choose) monitoring your financial life together and tweaking your plan as needed.

I know the summer is for relaxing and vacations and guilt-free indulgences, but wouldn’t it be delightful to have everything all set up and ready to go once it’s time to get back to the grind?

Do you need to invest time for this? Yes!

Is it going to get in the way of your summer plans? Not likely!

This also means that once the climate cools (if it ever will at the rate we’re going) and I won’t mind venturing outdoors so much, I won’t have as crazy of a back-to-school rush or that holy-cow-where-did-my-money-go surge come September and October.

Win for you, win for me :)

Listen, it always seems like there’s a better time in the future to make meaningful change in our lives.

But when have you ever thought “Wow, everything is so nice and calm now, time to find a new project”? Yeah, never!

That “perfect” time doesn’t exist – Best to just make it the present, right?

Think about it! And if you’re like, “Heck yes, let’s do this already!” – Let’s chat!

Schedule a consultation call or email me at michelle [at] and mention the 11% OFF Super Savvy Summer Special!

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