The Mindful Money Lab Pilot Program

Wowie wow wow *in my best Christopher Walken voice*

The response I got from my video blog post about money and mindfulness was, well, really validating. I mean, I was excited about this stuff before, but now I’m like bouncing-off-the-walls excited.

Hold on. Let me ground myself for a hot second. *deep belly breath*

Okay, so here’s what I can gather about you…

1. You want to feel like you have control over your financial life but you don’t want it to be a full-time job.

2. You want to be able to spend money on things you want but you don’t want it to spiral out of control.

3. And when your right-brain goes “Ahh, make it rain!” you want your left-brain to be like “Can you not?”


That’s why I created a program using the techniques that work for me and my latest clients and that’s totally going to work for you, too!

Mindful Money Lab! It’s a 4-week live intensive workshop that teaches mindfulness as a financial strategy.

  • A financial strategy that doesn’t involve meticulously pinching pennies or clipping coupons!
  • A financial strategy that doesn’t involve balancing… and rebalancing… and rebalancing! a budget!
  • A financial strategy that doesn’t make you feel guilty for not only paying off your past and saving for the future at the expense of enjoying your spending today!

And yet THIS financial strategy is – NO DOUBT – going to save you money AND bring ease into your money life. And more so!

I’ve been sharing with you some of the money mistakes I’ve made from being a shopaholic to becoming a personal finance addict. I kept focusing my energy on the wrong things and I got burnt out and I didn’t feel like I ever had enough to show for my efforts.

But I’ve also had some major success through that experience!

Now, I’m able to spend mindfully without guilt or remorse, I’ve used credit to work in my favor and not against me, and my savings has been growing without feeling like I’m on a financial diet (or just got lucky).

One thing that has never wavered since I founded The Holistic Wallet is my values.

I will never sacrifice my values to do the fiscally responsible thing. (Or the fiscally irresponsible thing for that matter.) It’s just not how I operate and I’ve used it in my favor.

My new pilot program, the Mindful Money Lab, is going to show you exactly how to make managing your money easy and simple and authentic.

Because if you don’t operate from the heart in your financial life, you’re never going to enjoy it and it’s always going to be a far-off dream to feel at home with your money.

How this workshop series is going to go down:

Starting September 6th with the full moon in Pisces (because that’s a thing), I will release a video lesson every Wednesday covering the material below with corresponding lab assignments to put what you learn to practice. (I’m a BIG fan of hands-on learning.)

Then, on the following Mondays, 5 days later, I will host a live video hangout at 8PM EST where we will review the experience and troubleshoot any issues that come up so this program is guaranteed to work for you. (Yes, guaranteed!)

Can’t make it live? You can send in your questions in advance and everyone will receive the recording of our hangout the following morning.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive Orientation materials so everyone will start the program on the same page… literally! This is a primer in mindfulness and meditation and how we’ll be applying it to personal finance.

It doesn’t matter if you meditate regularly or are a total novice, if you’re rolling in the dough or feeling broke as heck – the Mindful Money Lab is applicable to everyone in every walk of life.

Week of September 6th: Feeling More, Controlling Less
How letting go of control gives you more power over your money
How emotional spending is the solution, not the problem and how to use it in your favor
How to use money as an energy that can neither be created nor destroyed so you’ll always have enough

Week of September 13th: Abundance vs. Scarcity
How to find more ease and appreciate your first-world life through a third-world mindset
How to reframe the thoughts that incite destructive spending frenzies
How to know when enough is really enough so you can stress less and enjoy the life you’re building

Week of September 20th: Gearing Up To Make Deliberate Choices
How to set sustainable money goals that are aligned with the things you really value
How to save money and spend intentionally when you’re constantly surrounded by advertisements
How to prevail over financial distractions without willpower or a diet lifestyle

Week of September 27th: Finding Ease In Economic Empowerment
How to shop mindfully while you prance through the aisles of Target with ease
How to prevent decision-making fatigue with my less-is-more money systems
How to actually start to crave healthier financial habits

This is basically taking modern mindfulness skills as they apply to helping us relax and focus and incorporating them into the ways we pay off our debt, save for the future, and enjoy spending in the present.

This is about using all the benefits of modern technology and financial products while feeling like money management is an effortless endeavor as it appears on those TV Land sitcoms.

Personally, I’m most excited about the lab assignments which involve reading magazines, engaging with advertisements, and going shopping as a project! #treatyoself #butholistically

It will be a super hands-on and interactive experience but by doing things you’ll be doing anyway so this workshop won’t be another overwhelming task to add to your already busy life (shopping for groceries, scrolling through Facebook, etc).

PLUS, the way I teach these mindfulness skills is so practical that these techniques can be used in any areas of your life – with food, exercise, relationships, productivity, etc. The sky’s the limit!

This is both very ZEN and very FUN! Sounds quite wonderful, doesn’t it?

And the price tag for this intensive, hands-on, fully supported month-long workshop series including:

-FOUR weekly video lessons that teach mindfulness in practical ways to use in every area of your life (but most especially your finances),

-FOUR weekly lab assignments that train you to use the zen-centric lessons in your normal everyday life (OOOOOMMM!),

-FOUR live virtual hangouts where we review the lab assignments and troubleshoot any blocks or issues that come up so you’re fully supported in this mindfulness endeavor…

One easy payment of $297 OR three affordable payments of $99.

The intangible benefits? Ease, zen, empowerment. (PRICELESS)

But the tangible benefits? Um, all the money we save when we no longer get swept up into spending frenzies, forget to pay a bill on time, or get caught off guard by surprise expenses!

(Seriously, add up your money leaks over the past month or two and this course pays for itself… for skills you’ll be using for the rest of your life!)

BONUSES (because who doesn’t like free extras!)

  • I’m throwing in access to my Financial First-Steps workbook that walks you through my financial planning process so when we finish our work together, you can make your plan with ease and intention (a $99 value!)
  • Five recorded MP3 guided active meditations to take with you as your peruse the aisles of Target OR sit down to pay your bills OR just start to freak out about not having enough money (a $50 value!)
  • A 45-minute one-on-one call with me at the end of the workshop to make sure you’re all set to take off the training wheels on your brand spankin’ new Mindful Money life! (a $150 value!)

Hey! This is my new baby, my pride and joy. I’m totally obsessed with this workshop and I want to make sure it’s 100% successful for you like it is for me.

In case you were wondering, I’m going to wait until I know how many people we’ve got in the workshop to decide on a platform to use for the live hangouts and I’m leaving the options open in hopes that you’ll say HECK YES and invite your best friends! Because the more the mindfully merrier!

Enrollment in my pilot program closes September 4th at 8PM EST so that everyone has enough time to go through the Orientation materials before we get started on September 6th!

Are you in? (Say YES! to mindfulNESS!)

Sign up for the Mindful Money Lab pilot program and let’s REALLY bring some ease into your financial life!

One easy payment of $297 OR three affordable payments of $99.


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